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Walden Magazine // Jul 01, 2012

From the Field: Breaking the Cycle

One graduate explains how she helps GED students reach their goals.

Krishna Williams

“One of my best friends was gunned down on my 20th birthday. I grew up in a very small city, and my entire community was blown away by it. When I became a teacher, I realized I was surrounded by young men who had lost friends to senseless murders. I found myself stressing the importance of making good choices. As an instructor in a juvenile detention and treatment facility, I implemented a curriculum that dramatically increased the number of students who earned a GED. I have been able to put so much of what I learned at  to work in the classroom. I am blessed to be able to help students who have a history of ‘failing’ in school realize it is not too late to start conceiving, believing, and achieving their goals.”

— Krishna Williams ’08, MS in Education (MSEd) graduate and GED program coordinator for Holy Cross Children’s Services in Clinton, Mich.

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