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Walden Magazine // Aug 01, 2011

Extraordinary Faculty Award Recipients Named

August 2011—The Board of Directors established the Extraordinary Faculty Award to recognize annually a Walden University faculty member from each college who demonstrates the university’s core values of quality, integrity and student-centered instruction.

The Extraordinary Faculty Award recipients for 2011 are Dr. Mary Ann Marvil, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership; Dr. Walter McCollum, College of Management and Technology; Dr. Wendy Andberg, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; and Dr. Amany Refaat, College of Health Sciences.

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership: Dr. Mary Ann Marvil

Carmen Washington ’10, a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) alumna, nominated Dr. Mary Ann Marvil:

“Dr. Marvil ensures that all students reach their fullest potential so that the university only graduates students who were prepared to represent Walden in the most educated and professional manner. She challenges students by asking probing questions about scenarios they may face in their field and requires students to consider more than one solution to problems.”

College of Management and Technology: Dr. Walter McCollum

The four alumni and five students who nominated Dr. McCollum wrote:

“Dr. McCollum’s obvious dedication and devotion to students and their success as scholar-practitioners goes far beyond his assigned duties. He contributes to his field by teaching, mentoring and writing while serving in various organizations and communities. Dr. McCollum has committed his life to helping others and creating positive change in their lives.”

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Dr. Wendy Andberg 

Jane Njuru, PhD in Public Policy and Administration student, nominated Dr. Wendy Andberg:

“As a foreigner in the U.S., Dr. Andberg continues to make me feel right at home. When a professor knows your hometown and talks about it with nostalgia, it undoubtedly enriches the discourse, cements the common ground and strengthens the academic partnership. Her focus on positive social change opened my eyes to issues that can be changed to make the world a better place. She profoundly contributed to my worldview and provided me with new skills to strive for excellence and yearn to work with other learners. Simply put, Dr. Andberg is an extraordinary faculty member and an asset for the Walden community.”

College of Health Sciences: Dr. Amany Refaat

Robert Hijazi, a PhD in Public Health student, and Catherine Milejczak ’11, a Master of Public Health (MPH) and PhD in Public Health alumna, who nominated Dr. Amany Refaat wrote:


“Dr. Refaat deserves this award because she demonstrates the qualities of a scholar-practitioner. She is a great mentor to her students, giving each individual attention. She makes contributions to her field, is engaged in research and exemplifies being a healthcare professional. During the recent period of political unrest in her home country of Egypt, with limited access to communication, Dr. Refaat did everything she could to continue to support her students, provide critical feedback, prevent delays and meet with the committee members she served with whenever she was able.”

About the Award
The Extraordinary Faculty Award is given annually to recognize outstanding Walden faculty members (one each from college or school) who exemplify the university's core values of quality, integrity, and student-centeredness. Faculty may be nominated by current students, other faculty and alumni.

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