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Walden Magazine // Jul 01, 2011

A Message From President Bill Clinton

The Honorary Chancellor of Laureate International Universities addresses recent Walden University graduates.

Bill Clinton

Dear Walden University Graduates,

Congratulations on your graduation from Walden University. Today is the day when all your hard work, dedication, and sacrifice are rewarded. It will always have great meaning for you, your family, and your community. This is also the day when you enter the world with the potential to effect positive change for those in need, for our environment, for our shared future.

Walden is a member of the Laureate International Universities network, which means you are now part of a group of alumni from more than 55 institutions of higher education in 28 countries, a worldwide community that shares a commitment not just to personal advancement but also to social responsibility and community leadership. I hope that you, as a graduate of a Laureate International Universities institution, will commit yourself and your time to giving back to those less fortunate, to your own community, and to our common challenges.

Our world needs new leaders like you—people with passion, vision, and critical knowledge and skills. Throughout my life in public service, and now through my Foundation, I have seen the power individuals have to make a difference in their communities and around the world. With all our problems, there are tremendous opportunities for change and renewal. It is now your profound responsibility, as you build your own lives, to apply what you have learned to address the large, long-term challenges of your nation and our world.


President William Jefferson Clinton
Honorary Chancellor
Laureate International Universities