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Walden Magazine // May 04, 2011

How I Did It: M.B.A. Graduate Kim Coffey ’10

DEGREE EARNED: Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Project Management

HOW I PAID FOR IT: Student loans

HOW LONG IT TOOK: 18 months
WHEN I STUDIED: In the early evening and on the weekends, I used my laptop in the living room so I could spend time with my family.

LOWEST POINT: During my finance course, we helped my mother-in-law care for my father-in-law until he passed away toward the end of the course.

WHAT KEPT ME MOTIVATED: As a former Army sergeant who has overcome spousal abuse and homelessness, I wanted to show my sons that it is important to finish what you start, no matter how long it takes. You have goals and, although you may get sidetracked, you should never forget to follow through. I want to be an example for them. I want to show them you can overcome anything.

WHAT I LEARNED AT WALDEN: I’ve learned to be a leader in anything you do. In your personal life and business life, you should always lead by example, listen to other people, use good time management skills and excel at everything you do. No matter where you are, be happy. No matter what you are doing, make something out of it. Be a lifelong learner.

NEXT BIG CHALLENGE: To complete my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a specialization in Social Impact Management. I also hope to use my skills and training from Walden to help other women. Especially after what I’ve been through, I want to help women enter the workforce, to help them realize they have goals they should pursue.