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Walden Magazine // Jan 01, 2011

Letter From Alumni Relations

A January 2011 message from Walden’s Office of Alumni Relations.

Valescia Lee Collick

On behalf of everyone at Walden, thank you for your unwavering support. It is your energy and willingness to share your experiences that motivates our entire learning community.

As we embrace 2011, I hope you’ll consider how Walden can contribute to your own success. Many of you volunteer and serve others in your personal and professional lives. Now we’d like you to share how Walden can be of service to you.

An excellent way to start is by completing your online profile in the new alumni portal. Consider myWaldenAlumni your gateway to a professional network of fellow graduates who can serve as collaborators, mentors, clients, and even potential employers and employees. The alumni portal can connect you with a host of services and resources as well, including access to our new Alumni Library and enhanced career resources.

We have a number of exciting initiatives planned for 2011, including a mentoring program that puts you, our alumni, directly in touch with current and prospective students. After all, only you can speak to the complete Walden experience, from when you first inquired about a program to your life as a student and how you now navigate the workforce as a graduate.

As we celebrate this fifth anniversary issue of our magazine, I look forward to meeting more of you, learning about your latest achievements, and promoting them within these pages. And remember, whenever you need to advance your career and promote your passions, we hope you’ll turn to Walden first.

Warmest regards,
Valescia Lee-Collick
Office of Alumni Relations

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