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Walden Magazine // Jan 12, 2007

Commitment to Social Change Scholarships

In fall 2007, Walden University awarded Commitment to Social Change Scholarships to three doctoral and three master’s students who have effected positive social change in their communities and who possess a strong social change vision for the future.

Master’s recipients receive $2,500 and doctoral recipients receive $5,000, with doctoral student Denise Giles receiving $25,000.

Applying for a Scholarship

The next deadline for applications from incoming students for the Commitment to Social Change Scholarship is April 1. For more information about the scholarship and to watch videos of four Walden change agents, visit Walden’s Real People. Real Change. Web site.

Recipient: Kerry Aquino

Title: Pandemic Influenza Outreach and Exercise Liaison, State of Michigan Department of Community Health

Program: Master of Public Health

Social Change Achievement: Developed outreach resources related to emergency preparedness and public health, and coordinated volunteer opportunities for members of the National Ski Patrol.

Social Change Goal: Educate hospitals, emergency managers, and the public about the importance of public health in emergencies.

Recipient: Jennifer Cook

Title: Recreation Coordinator, Good Samaritan Community Services agency

Program: Master of Business Administration

Social Change Achievement: Created a variety of free recreation and activity programs for approximately 800 underprivileged youth between the ages of 6 and 14, including staff training.

Social Change Goal: Continue to provide at-risk youth with opportunities to improve themselves through quality educational and recreational programs.

Recipient: Sidney Fisher

Title: Personnel Research Psychologist, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Program: PhD in Psychology

Social Change Achievement: Analyzed and reported on the personnel climate in federal agencies, leading to organizational change that affects thousands of federal employees and their families.

Social Change Goal: Increase organizational change impact through participation in action planning, follow-through, and evaluation.

Recipient: Denise Giles

Title: Health Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Program: PhD in Public Health

Social Change Achievement:Supported Maternal and Child Health (MCH) through responsibilities including serving as a scientific technical advisor to the World Health Organization, conducting epidemiological and informatics research, and implementation and evaluation of national and international MCH surveillance systems.

Social Change Goal: To advance national and international maternal and child health public-health practice, research, and learning through scientific knowledge.

Recipient: Monique Johnson-Garner

Title: Adjunct Faculty Member, University of Phoenix-Atlanta Campus

Program: PhD in Psychology

Social Change Achievement: Impacted the community’s awareness about the need for adoptions of African American children, conducted qualitative research study on the resiliency of African American children in Kinship Care homes, and made significant suggestions regarding future program services and planning.

Social Change Goal: Develop and implement spiritually based, motivational educational programs that empower, educate, and advocate for at-risk populations in unindustrialized—as well as globalized—communities.

Recipient: Jacqueline Miller

Title: Middle School Teacher

Program: MS in Education

Social Change Achievement: As team leader for the community of teachers at her school, she launched initiatives such as a student-parent program and an academic support program. Also mentors other teachers, and developed a community program for high school girls.

Social Change Goal: Continue to educate children, youths, and other educators, and encourage giving back to the community.