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Walden Magazine // Jan 06, 2007

Presidential Scholarship

Walden University awards Presidential Scholarships to graduates of a Walden master's program who are enrolled in a Walden doctoral program. Successful applicants demonstrate a personal, continued commitment to public service and demonstrate how the doctorate will improve their professional effectiveness. This year, Walden named three recipients.

Recipient: Joseph V. Angarella

Program: PhD in Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

Title: Substance Abuse Counselor, Studio City, Calif.

Public Service Goal: Using evidence-based treatment to help substance abusers

How the Doctorate Will Improve My Professional Effectiveness: The clinical treatment of those with substance-related disorders has historically been based on tradition and long-held popular notions rather than on empirical evidence. Developing evidence-based practice requires that evidence be thoroughly and critically examined and that interventions be thoroughly tested for validity and reliability. The ability to conduct such examinations requires formal education and practical experience. Through the PhD program at Walden, I expect to gain both the education and experience necessary to meet these challenges. Upon completing the requirements for an advanced degree, I hope to engage in meaningful research efforts, to teach future psychologists, and to serve my community as a scholar and a practitioner.

Recipient: Brian Kelly

Program: PhD in Psychology (Counseling Psychology)

Title: Therapist, Berea, Ohio

Brian Kelly PhD in Psychology (Counseling Psychology) Therapist, Berea, Ohio

Public Service Goals: Working with young offenders in the juvenile justice system

How the Doctorate Will Improve My Professional Effectiveness: During my [ongoing] Walden practicum I have grown as a clinician in my ability to complete an efficacious behavioral assessment. I have a better ability to write reports, which was one of my weakest skills. I am now more capable of understanding reports and treatment recommendations at an advanced clinical level. I foresee myself staying with this population and becoming an advocate for the juvenile justice system, maintaining the focus on a continued treatment perspective. I believe this is the foundation for my life’s work. The doctoral degree from Walden University will allow this commitment to service to continue.

Recipient: Kelly Wheeler

Program: PhD in Public Health (Community Health Education and Promotion)

Title: Public Health Volunteer, Costa Rica

Kelly Wheeler PhD in Public Health (Community Health Education and Promotion) Public Health Volunteer, Costa Rica

Public Service Goal: Providing community health assessments to the underserved, internationally

How the Doctorate Will Improve My Professional Effectiveness: This scholarly pursuit will enhance my effectiveness to engage community members, establish successful health education programs, and take a proactive role in improving the health of the indigent. The degree will also increase the breadth and depth of my public health scholarship in preparation for future research endeavors. I would eventually like to work for a nongovernmental organization or privately funded organization that is actively involved in grass-roots community health intervention development.


Scholarship Information

For more information, see Walden's scholarships Web page.