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Recognizing, Honoring, and Thanking Our Peace Officers

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Thank you for your service, sacrifices, and commitment to social change.

During National Police Week, Walden University joins our country to recognize the law enforcement community, as well as our School of Criminal Justice students, alumni, and faculty. We celebrate and honor those who have fallen in the line of duty as we prepare our criminal justice students to become agents for social change. Learn more about how we’re educating effective peace officers who are engaged in their communities, leading with progressive minds and compassionate hearts.

Walden University Thanks You for Your Service

Walden University thanks law enforcement officers and honors those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. We recognize and appreciate those who feel called to protect and serve their communities.

Community Policing in the 21st Century – A Walden On-Demand Webinar Series

What Are National Policing Policies—and How Would They Work?

After 2020’s summer of activism, conversations about criminal justice reform are taking place throughout the United States. As a university focused on positive social change, Walden is committed to educating our criminal justice students, our partners, and the criminal justice community about reforms being discussed at the national level. In this webinar, an expert panel shares eight policies with the potential to have a significant impact on community and police relationships.

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Using EQ to Improve Relations Between Communities and Law Enforcement

''Today’s law enforcement officers face unique professional challenges. They must be acutely aware of their communication skills and prepared to make emotional connections to meet the needs of both the agency and those it serves. The use of emotional intelligence in policing can have an immediate and long-lasting impact on relationships between the community and law enforcement. This webinar explores how emotional and social competencies are essential to the success of 21st century policing.

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Community Service Partners: Mental Health Professionals and Law Enforcement

''Law enforcement personnel may sometimes face situations that they may not be equipped to deal with. Many agencies now partner with mental health professionals to assist in de-escalation and to prevent harm to citizens and officers. This webinar focuses on the pros and cons of investing in partnerships for crisis intervention. Learn how social workers can provide counseling and crisis response support for the community, training for law enforcement agencies, and vital services to officers and their families.

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