School of Counseling and Social Science On-Demand Webinars

Meet & Greet Associate Dean, Faculty & Alumni of MS in Mental Health Counseling Program

Dean Dr. Dixon-Saxon Welcomes You

Learn About the MS in Mental Health Counseling

During this webinar, you will hear from Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon, associate dean, School of Counseling and Social Service, and Dr. Jason Patton, faculty member in the M.S. in Mental Health Counseling program. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the program and about their professional experiences, enabling you to gain insight into the student-faculty relationship at Walden. In addition, Matthew Glowiak, a 2010 graduate from the M.S. in Mental Health Counseling program, will share his insights and experiences.

Words Hurt Worse: Understanding and Coping With the Bully and the Bullied

Walden invites you to view the Walden On-Demand webinar of Dr. Colleen R. Logan and Dr. Karen Wiggins’ "Words Hurt Worse: Understanding and Coping With the Bully and the Bullied." During this important and timely Walden On-Demand webinar, Drs. Logan and Wiggins discussed the growing problem of bullying in America’s schools. Topics included:

  • The evolution of bullying in the 21st century, including cyberbullying.
  • The factors that contribute to the development of bullies.
  • Why and how individuals are targeted by bullies.
  • Signs that a person is bullying or being bullied.

Drs. Logan and Wiggins also shared coping strategies and tactics for those impacted by bullying, including victims, parents, and educators. 

Profiling the Adulterer

You are invited to view this Walden On-Demand webinar of "Profiling the Adulterer" presented by Dr. Susan H. Eaves. Dr. Eaves explored infidelity issues impacting marriages, the factors that contribute to infidelity and the profile of a sexually risky individual.

Dr. Eaves is an adjunct faculty member of the School of Counseling and Social Services. A distinguished expert in the field of marriage and family counseling, Dr. Eaves has been published in numerous professional journals and textbooks. She has presented her research findings regionally and nationally on such topics as risky sexual behavior in adolescents, the relationship between self-esteem and infidelity, and preventing at-risk behaviors from early childhood. Dr. Eaves is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, among other professional organizations.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about Walden’s M.S. in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. Through this program, you can gain experience in diagnosing mental and emotional disorders and resolving marriage and family conflicts. The program will also help to prepare you to work in culturally and contextually diverse settings, including in community, county, and state agencies; in hospitals and private practices; and in consultation with businesses and agencies.