Wendy Berry

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

Wendy McPherson Berry has a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy & Administration with concentration in Health Services, a Master of Business Administration with concentration in Healthcare Administration, and a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. She is currently a Subject Matter Expert at Walden University, Master of Health Administration program, and a volunteer Patient Health Advocate for individuals needing transportation and assistance to doctor appointments, minimal home assistance as well as aiding with insurance policy understanding and third-party claim filing. Previously, Dr. Berry has worked as an independent Revenue Cycle Consultant for health services, a professor for Remington College, Medical Assistance program, a Practice Manager of multiple provider sites, and a Program Manager for hospitalist services within the past 15 years. Most recently, Dr. Berry has partnered with two other scientists to start a company called Berry Healthy Supplements. She is focused on creating a drink supplement that will benefit patients undergoing cancer treatment to replenish essential nutrients depleted from the body by chemotherapy, and to mitigate weight loss associated with treatment. Dr. Berry’s goal is to provide the best nutrients that will assist treatment and provide a healthy dietary supplement specifically for cancer patients. Dr. Berry has spent over 30 years working at various levels within the health care services industry including but not limited to clinical, operations management, project management, billing & collections, research experience, and most recently spent four years teaching at the college level. Her purpose in academia is to assist scholars in meeting their educational objectives, while providing the subject matter expertise necessary to help students achieve their career goals in the process. Her passion is Health Policy and making significant social contribution to continue to accomplish change in health care services for the betterment of healthier outcomes today and in the future.


PhD, Walden University

MBA, University of Phoenix

BS, Houston Baptist University