Vern Czelusniak

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Doctor of Education (EdD)

Dr. Vernon (Vern) Czelusniak received his Ph.D. In Computing Technologies in Education from Nova Southeastern University. His present position as Contributing Faculty began on January 8, 2024. Dr Czelusniak has administered, taught and researched in Instructional Design, Instructional Technologies, Leadership and Innovation. With over thirty years of experience developing result-driven curriculum and delivering enthusiastic instruction using different technologies. Chaired over 100 doctoral learners for over twenty years in Leadership & Innovation and Instructional Design & Technology studies. Dr Czelusniak’s research interests include instructional design and curriculum development, instructional technology and media tools, instructional strategies, Adult Learning, Theories, Principles and Applications, Administration and Leadership of Distance Education Programs, Assessment and Evaluation in e-Education, Courseware Authoring, Designing Online Instruction, E-Learning Instructional Design Methods, Foundations of Distance Education and Training, Internet and Distance Education Delivery. Some of the courses that he has facilitates includes Design of Instructional Media, Project Management for e-Learning, The Delivery of Distance Education, Designing Online Instruction, Administration and Leadership of Distance Learning Programs, Advanced Instructional Design, Storyboarding for Instructional Design, Instructional Technology for Online Learning, Research in Instructional Design and Development, Interface Design, Leadership for Instructional Design, Creating a Culture of Learning, Becoming a Critical Consumer of Action Research and How to become an Action Researcher. Dr Czelusniak has established some very high expectations of students; continuously seeking new ways to enhance instruction and link learning to the global learning community. Deeply committed to changing the lives of learners through the empowerment of effective facilitation methods. Excited to see learners transfer all of the knowledge, skills and abilities gained in the courseroom translated immediately into the employment arena.


PhD, Nova Southeastern University



BA, St Leo University