Tom Kohntopp

Academic Coordinator
College of Management and Human Potential
B.S. Business Administration (BSBA)

Dr. Thomas Kohntopp is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with more than 30 years’ experience serving a variety of public and private-sector organizations in North America and Europe. He earned his Ph.D. from the College of Business at the University of Tennessee. His areas of specialization include leadership, human resources, management and executive training and development, organization assessment and improvement, and survey research. Dr. Kohntopp has been with Walden University since 2013 serving as an Academic Coordinator in the School of Management. He also is Executive Director of the Blount Center for Public Life. Prior to joining Walden, Dr. Kohntopp was MBA Programs Director and Chair of the Management & Marketing Department at Lincoln Memorial University. He has also managed the Center for Effective Leadership at the University of Tennessee and was Professor of Organizational Management with Tusculum College.


PhD, University of Tennessee

BS, Bowling Green State University

Public Service

Blount Center for Public Life, Other - Maryville

Blount County Sheriff's Office Chaplain Corps (ret), Volunteer - Blount County

Awards / Honors

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award, Tusculum College, 2007


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