Tammy Root

Academic Coordinator
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Ph.D. Public Health

Dr. Root joined Walden University in 2009 as contributing faculty in the School of Psychology. She later transitioned to core faculty working primarily as a student research mentor serving on doctoral committees. In 2011, she was appointed as the Academic Research Coordinator in the School of Health Sciences. A former assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Dr. Root’s research has been devoted to exploring the relation between eating disorders and substance use from both phenotypic and genetic perspectives. She has successfully obtained research funding from the National Institutes of Health and has published several manuscripts, primarily in medical journals, as well as presented at several conferences on eating disorders. Dr. Root has taught several courses including Research Methods, Statistics I, Statistics II, and Lifespan Development and has served as a research consultant for medical doctors, faculty, students, and staff.


PhD, Penn State

MA, California State University, Fullerton

MA, California State University, Fullerton

BA, Chapman University