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Suzanne Richins

Contributing Faculty

College of Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences

Degree ProgramPh.D. Health Services

Suzanne began her career in nursing with a degree in nursing and climbed the ladder from staff nurse to chief operating officer. She earned an MBA and DHA as she worked her way up the ladder.

Courses Taught

DDHA 8130 - Communication, Marketing, and Public Relations

DDHA 8800 - Data Driven Decision Making

DDHA 8901 - Research Capstone

HLTH 9001 - Dissertation

RESI 8601 - Residency 1

RESI 8602 - Residency 2

RESI 8401 - Residency 1

RESI 8401 - Residency 2

RESI 8403 - Residency 3

RESI 8404 - Residency 4

RSCH 8110 - Research Theory


BA, St. Joseph's College

MBA, Utah State University

DHA, Medical University of South Carolina - Charleston, SC United States

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