Steven Seay

Steven Seay
College of Management and Human Potential
Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Steven Seay, Ph.D., a product of Silicon Valley, California and a Harvard trained strategist, is the Principal Partner at Crimson Eagle Inc., a human capital strategy firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Dr. Seay is the former CLO and Head of Leadership Development and Talent for Saudi Aramco Oil Company, based in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia.

Dubbed a ‘phenom’ by his peers and business leaders, Dr. Seay is an author, speaker and in addition to other duties, the chief negotiator for Crisis Solutions, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based global crisis negotiations firm. Steven has advised multinational clients on such issues as organizational strategy, negotiation techniques, human performance dynamics, human capital planning, Mergers & Acquisition human capital infrastructure and implementation as well as organization effectiveness strategies. Steven’s problem-solving expertise provides him with the ability to assist corporations in solving the most complex problems.
Dr. Seay is a frequent leadership/management lecturer at many institutions globally. Dr. Seay has delivered over 2,000 sold out corporate workshops to include Strategic Negotiations, Leadership, Effective Communication, Managing Change, Consulting Skills and Customer Service, to name a few. Steven was the runner up for the 2008 Business Week Professor of the Year and the winner of the first ever Outstanding Professor Award in 2015 at the University of Colorado Denver. Steven won this award again in 2019.

Said one executive, “Steven never merely speaks to an audience, but seeks to involve them personally through illustrations, stories and personal examples, touching all three learning styles”.

In addition to both Fortune 500 domestic and international consulting, Steven has served as Vice President of Human Resources and Learning at several US companies. Steven holds a B.S. degree in Organizational Psychology, an MBA in Strategy and a Ph.D. in Management.

Steven’s personal mission is quite simple:
Helping People Help Themselves


Post-doctorate coaching certification, Columbia University

PhD, Walden University

Awards / Honors

Faculty of the Year, University of Colorado Denver - Global Energy Management Program , 2020


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