Steve Crumb

Contributing Faculty
College of Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Stephen R. Crumb received his Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from The Ohio State University in 2012. He has recently joined the faculty of Walden University School of Nursing. He is clinically engaged in the care of adults with congenital heart disease, which has been his passion for over two decades. As a Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Crumb has been focused on adults with cardiovascular disease throughout his career. As a teacher, he brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to both the classroom and the bedside. He has taught all aspects of cardiovascular nursing including physiology and pathophysiology, psychosocial issues of adults with congenital heart disease, physical examination, and pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, Dr. Crumb has taught applied research and evidence-based practice. Dr. Crumb has participated in the research process as principle investigator, co-investigator of multicenter studies, and data collector. He has conducted research from the diverse perspectives of bench to population outcomes. Of his teaching philosophy, he states “I aspire to inspire my students to be enthusiastic and inquisitive nurses, striving for excellence in the care they provide, and having the skills to create a vision of excellence in the future.”

Courses Taught

Nurs 6512 - Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning

NRNP 6566 - Advanced Care of Adults in the Acute Setting I

NRNP 6550 - Advanced Care of Adults in the Acute Setting II

NRNP 6560 - Advanced Care of Adults in the Acute Setting III

PRAC 6566 - Practicum Advanced Care of Adults in the Acute Setting I

PRAC 6550 - Practicum Advanced Care of Adults in the Acute Setting II

PRAC 6560 - Practicum Advanced Care of Adults in the Acute Setting III


DNP, The Ohio State University

Post-master's Certificate, University of Vermont Medical Center

MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison

BSN, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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