Stacy Wahl

Program Director
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Ph.D. Education

Since 2008, Dr. Wahl has worked at Walden University in the PhD and EdD higher education, leadership, management, and policy specializations and served in the capacity of contributing faculty, full-time faculty, academic/research coordinator, and is currently the associate dean for higher education EdD and PhD programs. She has graduated over 50 doctoral mentees and continues to function as a chair or methodologist on doctoral committees. Dr. Wahl has authored book chapters on critical thinking and decision making, published numerous articles, and presented at national conferences. She serves as a subject matter expert in the development of new courses and is also an RN with certification in critical care and professional development. Dr. Wahl is passionate about the pursuit of life-long learning and fostering the academic growth of her students. She is interested in culturally inclusive pedagogies, burnout, thought leadership, emotional intelligence, and is a Walden diversity, equity, and inclusion ambassador. In December of 2021, Dr. Wahl was received the Teaching Excellence Award.

Awards / Honors

Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council Nurse of Excellence, , 2011

Nurse Hero Award Long Island Business News 6th , , 2011


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