Sharron Guillett

Contributing Faculty
College of Nursing
Ph.D. Nursing

Dr. Guillett received her PhD in Nursing at George Mason University of August 1998 with a concentration in policy. She joined Walden University in January of 2022 and currently serves as contributing faculty. Dr. Guillett’s teaching career spans more than two decades and she has taught nursing courses at a number of colleges and universities. Courses taught include Research and Evidence Based Practice, Leadership, Community Health, Rural Health, Health Assessment, Pathophysiology , Pharmacy and Medical Surgical Nursing . Professionally, Dr. Guillett has worked as a researcher in the area of quality of life, primarily in populations experiencing physical disabilities. She has also served as mentor and advisor for those engaged in qualitative research, especially in the area of lived experience. She has a number of publications and presentations on disability, diversity and health-related research projects.
Dr. Guillett is a member of Sigma and ANA and serves on public and professional boards.