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Shari Jorissen

Contributing Faculty

College of Psychology and Community Services

Degree Program Ph.D. Human Services

Dr. Shari Jorissen is a faculty member in the School of Human Services at has been teaching at Walden since 2012. She teaches Advanced Quantitative Analysis and serves/has served on dissertation committees for students in PhD programs in Human Services, Social Work, Counselor Education & Supervision, Public Health, and Health Services programs.

Dr. Jorissen was the Director of University Assessment in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at Walden University from January 2009 through August 2020. Prior to working for Walden University, Shari was the Director of Testing Services in the Disability Services office of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Dr. Jorissen has a PhD in Educational Psychology, an EdD in Higher Education and Adult Learning, and also has her MBA from Walden University. She serves as a mentor in the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) Assessment Academy and is a Peer Reviewer for HLC as well.

Courses Taught

RSCH 8260/8250 - Advanced Quantitative Statistics

COUN 8560 - Dissertation

HUMN 9001 - Dissertation

SOCW 9000 - Dissertation

HLTH 9001 - Dissertation

PUBH 9001 - Dissertation


PhD, Walden University - Minneapolis, MN United States

EdD, Walden University - Minneapolis, MN United States

MEd, University of Florida - Gainesville, FL United States

MBA, Walden University - Minneapolis, MN United States

BS, Minnesota State University - Mankato, MN United States


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