Sarah Matthey

Core Faculty
Sarah Matthey
College of Psychology and Community Services
Ph.D. Human Services

I enjoy working with students on their writing to ensure that they publish documents that represent the best of them professionally and personally. I have an EdD from Walden University, an MA in English from St. Thomas University, and a BA in English from the University of Minnesota. I am currently enrolled in the masters in criminal justice program at Walden. I was a senior dissertation editor in the Walden Writing Center for over 10 years, and I taught proposal workshop and graduate writing faculty member in Academic Skills. I am a core faculty member in the School of Human Services, and I am the Academic Integrity Officer for the School of Human Services.

Courses Taught

DDBA 8101 - Doctoral Study Mentoring

DDBA 9000 - Doctoral Study Completion

DDBA 8006 - Contemporary Challenges in Businesses

CAEX 6050 - Graduate Writing I

CAEX 6060 - Graduate Writing II

CAEX 3101 - Academic Integrity

WCSS 8035 - Writing the Literature Review Workshop

WCSS 8351 - Writing the Literature Review

WCSS 8016 - Writing the Proposal Workhshop

WCSS 6100 - Critical Thinking and Logic

WCSS 6500 - Effective Assignment Strategies

WCSS 8020 - Writing the Introduction Workshop

WCSS 6150 - Graduate Writing for Non-Native Speakers

WCSS 3200 - APA Writing

WCSS 6300 - Advanced Reading Strategies

HUMN 8001 - Keys to Doc Success

HUMN 8550 - Preparing for Dissertation

HUMN 9001 - Communities of Practice and Research

HUMN 8207 - Grant Writing


BA, University of Minnesota

MA, University of St. Thomas

EdD, Walden University