Sandra Northern

College of Management and Human Potential
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Dr. Sandra Northern’s formal training is in business administration, where she has served in various roles over her 30+ year career. Dr. Northern served as a logistics operations manager in the United States Army. She then moved into nonprofit board positions related to project management, organizational finance, leadership, and strategic management. Dr. Northern has also served as a volunteer instructor with various nonprofit organizations since 2012. At Walden University, Dr. Northern is a Contributing Faculty member for the Doctor of Business Administration Program and presenter for the Doctor of Business Administration Consulting Capstone mentoring sessions.
Dr. Northern’s current research interests focus primarily on leadership development, organizational strategies, and value creation. She published a study on logistics leader strategies for increasing employee retention. Dr. Northern has also helped numerous business leaders and organizations streamline programs, diversify and increase revenue, and develop profitable strategies. She has worked with clients in small business, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations. Dr. Northern serves as a board chair for a local nonprofit serving homeless veterans and on several city councils, committees, collaboratives, and collectives.