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Saeid Atoofi

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Technology

School of Management

Degree ProgramM.S. Communication

Saeid Atoofi holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from University of California, Los Angeles. His research interest and publications are concerned with the area of communication and semiotics.

Courses Taught

MS 6100 - Comm Theory in Practice: Here & Now

MS 6110 - Media Effects





Awards / Honors

Doctoral thesis award, UCLA, 2009


Atoofi, S. (2013). Classroom has a heart: Teachers' and students' affective alignment in a Persian heritage language classroom Journal of Linguistics and Education

Atoofi, S. (2015). Context from a social semiotic perspective: a discourse analytical study of the children TV show, Bubble Guppies Social Semiotics

Atoofi, S. (2015). Epistemic stances in the discourse of children TV shows Lenguas Modernas

Atoofi, S. (2013). Linguistic markers of affect in heritage Persian: A linguistic anthropological study among Persian heritage language students and their teachers Iranian Studies

Atoofi, S. (2011). Poetics of repetition in ordinary talk: A case among Persian heritage language teachers and their students Journal of Pragmatics

Atoofi, S. (2012). The words we can all agree on: A computer-generated environment to test for evolution of lexical agreement Lenguas Modernas


Atoofi, S. (2014). A semiotic approach to heritage language research and education

Atoofi, S. (2016). A semiotic approach to Second Language Acquisition

Atoofi, S. (2014). Learning as a co-construction of content and context

Atoofi, S. (2010). Affect and linguistic repetition

Atoofi, S. (2010). Cultural themes or thematic cultures: Future direction and research in creating culturally-sensitive content and instruction in language classrooms

Atoofi, S. & Rodri´guez, J.P., Atoofi, S. (2014). Dibujos animados como filosofi´a del conocimiento: un estudio anali´tico discursivo de programas de televisio´n para nin~os

Atoofi, S. (2012). Dora la exploradora, Veloz Mente, o Worldword? Dime lo que tus hijos ven en la televisio´n y te dire´ co´mo esta´n aprendiendo cosas

Atoofi, S. & Pe´rez, N., Atoofi, S. (2014). El discurso de Bubble Guppies: Una perspectiva semio´tica hacia el contenido y el contexto en el uso del lenguaje

Atoofi, S., Jane, A., Bazrati, S. (2010). Enhancing language learning through program-wide film festival

Atoofi, S. (2014). Interactional versus contributory experience in learning English grammar

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