Rosalind Penney

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Master of Public Health (MPH)

Rosalind has been involved with environmental health since heading back to school in 2005. She went into public health because of her interest in helping others, and finds environmental health (EH) fascinating because she is enthralled with the many ways our health can be affected by our environment.

Rosalind teaches Environmental Health in the Master of Public Health Program at Walden. She has been teaching online since 2010, and joined Walden University in 2017. Before her current work, she performed research in the genetics and proteomics of lung cancer at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. In 2016 Rosalind moved to Colorado and began working for a local public health agency. She started in the environmental health department, doing inspections for retail food and septic systems. In 2017 she became the Regional Epidemiologist for Southwest Colorado where she focused on preventing communicable and zoonotic diseases for a five-county area. She helps provide medicine to people with tuberculosis, interviews people with reportable conditions to identify the source of their illness, and regularly sends bats and other animals to the state lab to check for rabies, plague, tuleremia and other zoonotic conditions. This fits very well with the other work she has done at the local public health agency, while offering a new challenge almost daily.

In 2019 Rosalind became the Director for Clinic and Emergency Preparedness at her agency. Her division consists of Regional Emergency Preparedness and Response, Regional Epidemiology, communicable disease, immunizations, Family Planning Program, and Equity in Emergency Preparedness.

Rosalind is currently a peer reviewer for Frontiers Public Health and PLOS ONE. She currently considers her major work accomplishments as her teaching, her publications and her work in communicable disease.

Courses Taught

PUBH 6034 - Environmental Health: Local to Global


MPH, Florida International University

PhD, Florida International University