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Dr. Rochelle Gilbert is the Associate Vice Provost within the Office of Civic Engagement and Leadership, a division operating under the broader purview of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Engagement, and Academic Performance. In this distinguished capacity, Dr. Gilbert assumes a multifaceted role that involves a spectrum of responsibilities aimed at quantifying outcomes for initiatives pertaining to student and graduate citizenship, leadership strategies, and the fostering of graduate engagement. Her extensive portfolio encompasses providing professional development, mentorship, and cultivating a global citizenry mindset among the university's graduates. Furthermore, she exercises oversight over a diverse array of responsibilities, including the management of student organizations and the facilitation of pertinent events. In this capacity, Dr. Gilbert collaborates closely with central university stakeholders to foster meaningful inter-institutional collaborations.

Central to Dr. Gilbert's role is her responsibility for the comprehensive development of Walden University's undergraduate and graduate students, as well as graduates themselves. This remit extends across various dimensions, encompassing the nurturing of competencies in communication, teamwork, conflict management, negotiation, leadership, self-evaluation, adaptability, flexibility, learning, creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

With over a decade of administrative and leadership experience at Walden University, Dr. Gilbert's tenure is marked by a series of impactful roles. Prior to her current position, she held the role of Executive Senior Director of University Relations and Advancement within the Office of the President and Dean for the Center for Social Change. In this significant capacity, her responsibilities encompassed advocating for social change, championing academic excellence, promoting inclusiveness, encouraging community engagement, and devising and executing strategies to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with various stakeholders within the university community.

Dr. Gilbert commenced her Walden journey in 2010, previously serving as the Dean of Student Affairs, overseeing a diverse and sizable student body exceeding 50,000 individuals. In this role, she provided comprehensive oversight for critical domains, including Career Planning and Development, Student Life, Leadership and Engagement, Alumni Engagement, Student Judicial and Restorative Services, OMBUDS, Student Counseling Services, and Student Wellness and Disability Services. Within this purview, she championed the values of civility, academic excellence, inclusiveness, and community engagement and provided a crucial resource for advocacy and crisis management for all students. Notably, Dr. Gilbert spearheaded the establishment of Communities of Practice and Professional Development Communities tailored to student leaders, as well as the creation of Career Resource Hubs, the Readers for Good Book Club, and new student organizations.

In her prior role as the Senior Director of Academic Residencies, Dr. Gilbert played a pivotal role in strategic planning and the implementation of residency programming. She also provided crucial oversight for faculty and staff, ensuring the successful delivery of online learning aligned with residency goals and learning outcomes. During the pandemic, she exhibited exemplary leadership by orchestrating the essential shift of on-ground Residency experiences to fully virtual events, thereby rejuvenating the delivery experience.

In addition to her administrative roles, Dr. Gilbert has contributed significantly to the university's broader initiatives. She has served as a Positive Leadership Champion, represented the institution on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee, and been a member of the President's Council for Student and Alumni Employees. Furthermore, she has served as an advisor for Walden's chapters of esteemed organizations, including the National Society of Leadership and Success, Divine Nine Alliance, and Virtual Fulbright Chapter. Dr. Gilbert is also a proud member of Chi Sigma Iota, Golden Key International, and Tau Upsilon Sigma Honor Societies. Nevertheless, her most cherished role is that of a Walden Alumni Ambassador, where she enthusiastically shares her exceptional experiences as a Walden Alum and Mentor.

Dr. Gilbert's scholarly interests are wide-ranging, encompassing areas such as women's leadership in higher education administration, mental health within communities of color, and the superwoman syndrome.

She holds a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Louisiana Monroe, complemented by a Master's in Educational Leadership and Administration. Additionally, she has earned an Executive MBA and Master's degrees in Clinical and Mental Health, School Counseling, and Human Services, all from Walden University.

Dr. Gilbert takes immense pride in her role as an advocate, mentor, and ambassador for Walden University, further cementing her legacy as a dedicated and accomplished leader in the field of higher education.


EdD, University of Louisiana Monroe

MS, Walden University

MBA, Walden University

MEd, University of Louisiana Monroe

BA, University of Louisiana Monroe

Awards / Honors

Executive Leadership Certification, National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), 2020

Advanced Leadership Certification , National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), 2020

Advisor Spotlight – National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), Walden Univeristy Divine Nine Alliance, 2020

Outstanding Service Award through Social Action – Louisiana , , 2019

Outstanding Contribution to the Arts in the Area of Speech , , 2018

Outstanding Woman of Purpose , , 2016