Robert Levasseur

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Ph.D. Management

Ph.D., Walden University; M.S., MIT Sloan School; M.S.E.E., Northeastern University; B.S.E.E, MIT; BA, Bowdoin College

Dr. Levasseur joined the Walden faculty in 2003. He has been a doctoral faculty member in Walden’s PhD in Management, PhD in Public Policy and Administration, and DBA programs. In that capacity, he served as chair, methodologist, subject matter expert, or university reviewer on the dissertation committees of over 100 doctoral graduates. The specializations of these students included leadership and organizational change, information systems, knowledge management, public policy and administration, management, finance, accounting, and operations research. In 2015, one of Dr. Levasseur’s students won the School of Public Policy and Administration’s Outstanding Dissertation Award. Currently, Dr. Levasseur’s primary focus is on teaching and mentoring School of Management doctoral students engaged in the dissertation process. Designated an exceptional mentor in 2022 and represented the School of Management in a Walden University Master Class for doctoral mentors.

In addition to mentoring doctoral students and serving on dissertation committees, Dr. Levasseur has taught numerous courses in quantitative methods, management, and leadership and organizational change. He has also taught at Boston University, University of Maryland University College, University of the Virgin Islands, Franklin University, and the International School of Management in Paris. Before earning his Ph.D., Dr. Levasseur held many professional and leadership positions in major U.S. corporations, including Nabisco and Digital Equipment Corporation, during a business career that spanned three decades. He is the author of six books, including Student to Scholar and Dissertation Research: An Integrative Approach, and numerous journal articles.

Dr. Levasseur chose Walden for his doctoral studies because of its social change mission. He is proud to serve as a faculty member at an institution of higher learning whose express goal is to effect positive social change. Dr. Levasseur has embraced and applied the Walden social change mission to the best of his ability in his teaching and mentoring of Walden bachelors, MBA, and now exclusively doctoral students. In addition, he has applied his expertise in leadership and change in his pro bono personal and professional development consulting with selected individuals whose goal is also to effect positive social change.


PhD, Walden University

MS, MIT Sloan School

MS, Northeastern University

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technologyy

BA, Bowdoin College

Public Service

, Other -


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