Robert Daun

Contributing Faculty
College of Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

I've worked in healthcare for a little over 13 years, starting out briefly as a nursing assistant before becoming an associate's level RN. I spent most of my RN days working in a large urban hospital (Abbott Northwestern) in Minneapolis, MN. I worked in the float pool covering a total of 21 different units, including all of the different med/surg, ED, mental health, and IV team. My favorites were always mental health, IV team, and the emergency department, but overall, my favorite was the variety that the float pool brought to the job. Following going on strike against Allina Health in 2016 and coming back to a less-than-desirable work environment, I needed a change. I thought about leaving healthcare altogether and going back into electrical work. An ongoing chat over the course of a few weeks with the management of the emergency department pulled me back into a refreshed spirit and I started working 3pm to 3am in the emergency department in 2017. At the same time, I was enrolling in grad school to become a PMHNP as along with that transition, I had settled on a desire to become a psychiatric NP. I completed school in November 2019 and began practicing just as the COVID19 pandemic shut down in-person appointments at the clinic I worked for. I worked there until I had a year of experience and then along with some colleagues and a strong desire to never work for big healthcare again, opened my own private practice clinic in early 2021. I have been happily practicing in private practice ever since. I find myself most days loving my work and many other aspects of my job, and my ability to serve my patients and community the way they deserve and the way that healthcare should truly be delivered: with an eye to quality and connection with patients, rather than quantity, quotas, and profits.


MSN, Walden University

BSN, Capella University

AS, Anoka-Ramsey Community College