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Rex Philpot

Contributing Faculty

College of Psychology and Community Services

School of Psychology

Degree Program Ph.D. Psychology

Dr. Philpot has been a professor and researcher in the field of neuroscience for more than 15 years.

Courses Taught

PSY 8226 - Biopsychology


PhD, University of South Florida

Awards / Honors

Ruth L Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, 2006


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Schroeder, R. A., Wecker, L., Philpot, R. M. (2016). Obstacles and Opportunities for Cholinergic Drug Development in the Treatment of Cognitive Disorders.. Current pharmaceutical design.

Lambert, C. S., Philpot, R. M., Engberg, M. E., Johns, B. E., Wecker, L. (2015). Analysis of gait in rats with olivocerebellar lesions and ability of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist varenicline to attenuate impairments.. Behavioural brain research.

Wecker, L., Engberg, M. E., Philpot, R. M., Lambert, C. S., Kang, C. W., Antilla, J. C., Bickford, P. C., Hudson, C. E., Zesiewicz, T. A., Rowell, P. P. (2013). Neuronal nicotinic receptor agonists improve gait and balance in olivocerebellar ataxia.. Neuropharmacology.

Philpot, R. M., Engberg, M. E., Wecker, L. (2014). Ethanol conditioned place preference and alterations in ΔFosB following adolescent nicotine administration differ in rats exhibiting high or low behavioral reactivity to a novel environment.. Behavioural brain research.

Philpot, R. M., Badanich, K. A., Kirstein, C. L. (2003). Place conditioning: age-related changes in the rewarding and aversive effects of alcohol.. Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research.