Rebekah Cardenas

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

In addition to serving as Contributing Faculty within the Organizational Psychology Department at Walden University, Dr. Rebekah Cardenas is CEO and founder of a talent management consulting firm called Orgsmith, LLC. Until Dec. 2018, Rebekah served as Vice President of Business Development and Assessment Solutions at a human capital consulting firm called EASI Consult. Dr. Cardenas has over 18 years of experience as both an internal and external organizational consultant. Prior to joining EASI Consult in 2006, she held various consulting and research roles at BASF, Federal Management Partners, the City of Norfolk, Old Dominion University and the National Science Foundation. As a Project Management Professional (PMP), Dr. Cardenas has served as Project Manager for numerous public and private sector assessment and development engagements. She has facilitated numerous meetings, workshops, certifications and retreats assisting clients in areas such as strategic planning, communication strategy development, training, engagement, and role clarification. Dr. Cardenas is a trained assessor and has served as an executive coach for several high-potential leaders. She leads several large-scale selection and/or development strategies for clients across industries such as banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, energy and public utilities. Since joining Walden in 2008, Dr. Cardenas has taught over a dozen different courses within the Psychology department and has chaired numerous doctoral student committees.

Courses Taught

PSYC 6001 - Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology

PSYC 8755 - Leadership and the Process of Change

PSYC 8752 - Psychology of Organizational Behavior

PSYC 8552 - Psychology of Motivation at Work

PSYC 8754 - Personnel Psychology in the Workplace

PSYC 8579 - Job Attitudes, Measurement, & Change

PSYC 8706 - Ethics & Standards of IO

PSYC 9000 - Dissertation

PSYC 8749 - Leadership Development

PSYC 6393 - M.S. in Psychology Capstone

PSYC 8214 - Consulting for Org Change

OD 003 - CBE LMS - Consultation Practices & Intervention Planning

OD 004 - CBE LMS - Strategies and Application for Addressing Organizational & Change Challenges

OD 005 - CBE LMS - Organizational Psychology & Development: Future Trends & Professional Development


BA, Drury University

MS, Old Dominion University

PhD, Old Dominion University

Public Service

Apex Friendship High School, Guest Speaker - Apex

Hope Community Church & Community Center, Organizer - Apex

Green Chair, Volunteer - Raleigh


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