Quiana McCoy-Taylor

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Quiana McCoy-Taylor has been an esteemed educator since 2005. She has dedicated her career to teaching secondary and higher education students, creating and developing various courses to enhance the educational experience.

Ms. McCoy-Taylor holds a Master of Education in Instructional Technology from the American College of Education, a Master of Arts in English/Liberal Studies from Stony Brook University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English/Education from Stony Brook University.

In her role at Walden, Ms. McCoy-Taylor serves as an English instructor, providing support and mentorship to students in their academic journey. Her primary areas of research interest include instructional technology, curriculum development, and English education. She is particularly passionate about integrating technology into the classroom to improve learning outcomes.

Throughout her career, Ms. McCoy-Taylor has made significant contributions to her educational institutions. She has served as an instructional lead, developed curriculum plans, and led the technology committee, introducing several successful technological advancements. She has also taught at various colleges and universities, where she has designed and facilitated numerous courses. In addition to these roles, Ms. McCoy-Taylor has been recognized for her outstanding teaching, receiving several awards and leading faculty initiatives aimed at improving educational practices and outcomes.

Ms. McCoy-Taylor's professional affiliations include being a member of the Council of Writing Administrators. Her major work accomplishments include the creation of a college writing course for high school seniors, the formation of the technology committee at her school, and the development of multiple college courses. Her expertise in English education and instructional technology has made her a valuable asset in the academic community.