Pete Anthony

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Dr. Anthony is a retired Navy Submariner. Post-Navy retirement, he worked in business consulting, higher education as a Program Director for Leadership at not-for-profit university in Washington State (both Master's and Doctoral Degrees programs), IRB member, Dissertation Director, Residencies Coordinator, and coordinated a Research Center. Currently, he does business consulting and serves on higher education advisory boards while teaching primarily online and flexnet classes. He constantly strives for social change with involvement with the US Department of Commerce Camo2Commerce - Hiring America's Heroes Corporate Leadership Academy business management and leadership training and internship program to assist military transitioning from military duty to civilian business and commerce. After two years of cohort groups, 90% of fellows were hired as business leaders and project managers by local businesses. The pilot program success resulted in additional grant funding for local as well as nationwide and global programs that started in 2016 (if interested you will find an article on this social change endeavor on pages 14-15 of the Winter/Spring 2016 Walden magazine).

Courses Taught

DDBA 8100/8101 - Doctoral Study Mentoring

DDBA 9000/9001 - Doctoral Study Completion

DDBA 8161 - Systems Thinking and Strategic Policy


EdD, University of Phoenix

MS, Chapman University

BS, University of Northern Colorado

Public Service

Camo to Commerce, Organizer - Tacoma

Leadership Eastside, Member - Bellevue

Awards / Honors

Presidential Award for Faculty Excellence, Walden University, 2015

Chair of Doctoral Study seleced as CMT/DBA Outstanding Doctoral Study for 2014, Walden University, 2014

Meritorious Service Medal - US Navy Submarine Serv, , 1996

Chair of Doctoral Study seleced as CMT/DBA Outstanding Doctoral Study for 2014, Walden University, 2014


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