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Patricia Loun

Contributing Faculty

College of Psychology and Community Services

School of Psychology

Degree Program Ph.D. Psychology

Dr. Patricia Loun received her PH.D in Developmental Psychology from University of Maryland with a specialization in infant development and psychophysiology. Her post doctoral training included positions at Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School Child Development Unit, National Institute on Drug Addiction, NIH, and Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit. Her previous teaching experiences include a visiting professorship at Gettysburg College and Adjunct positions at Montgomery College. Dr. Loun has published in multiple journals including Psychophysiology, Child Development, Infant Behavior and Development, Developmental Psychology, Addictive Behaviors and others. Dr. Loun is a dissertation mentor and instructor in the School of Psychology, General Psychology at Walden University. Dr. Dr. Loun has been teaching and mentoring at Walden since 2009


PhD, University of Maryland College Park, College Park , MD

Public Service

SW Fiber Collection, Advisory Council


Suess, P., Porges, S., Plude, D., Loun, P. S. (1994). Cardiac vagal tone and sustained attention in school age children. Psychophysiology.