Olga Carranza

Contributing Faculty
College of Allied Health
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

Dr. Carranza has been teaching Psychology courses for approximately 30 years at various colleges and universities. Her main area of study is Counseling Psychology with expertise in sexual violence, stress, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, contemplative pedagogy practices, pluralistic societies, multiculturalism. She is affiliated with the Southern Arizona Psychological Association, Arizona Psychological Association, American Psychological Association. Her major work accomplishments are providing therapy to sexual violence clients for several years, teaching in psychology with a focus upon developmental theory, cognitive behavioral theory, and multiculturalism/pluralism. She has worked in course development, faculty development, community agency training. She worked as a consultant in a Behavioral Assessment Team for approximately 6 years. She is currently retired and focuses upon her work with Red Cross Mental Health Volunteers and Services to Armed Forces. She finds her work fits well with each area. She works part time for Walden University as Psychology Faculty.


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