Nancy Bostain

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Nancy S. Bostain has leader and team development experience with various types of organizations and employees. My areas of expertise include:
•Individual/group processes used for conflict management/communication skill building
•Facilitate leadership team strategy meetings/workshops.
•Leader assessment and development.
•Management consultation & group/team facilitation
•Coaching for problem-solving and/or interpersonal skill development.

My husband and I live in the mountains about 45 miles southwest of Denver. We have 11 acres and beautiful views. We also have a collection of antique tractors and lots of wildlife dotting our hillsides. My hobbies include hunting, trap shooting, photography, camping, atv-ing, deep water aerobics, strength training, and spending time with good friends.
Nancy is a direct, honest, tolerant, good humored person. I like to have fun. I also will respectfully challenge you throughout the course. I'm here to learn with you. I hope you challenge me as well. Some of the topics, I hope, will spark lively discussion. That's ok, just remember to embrace diversity of opinion and attack ideas, not fellow learners. Support your arguments with research, not emotional anecdotes. The goal is to think critically about the subject matter.


PhD, Walden University

MS, New Mexico Highlands University

BA, University of Cincinnati