Michael Jazzar

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Doctor of Education (EdD)

My successful and diversified years of experience with Walden University have included my serving as a Contributing Professor, Course Lead for EDUC 7005, Senior Faculty Member, Dissertation Chair and Committee Member. The courses that I have instructed have included EDUC 7005, EDUC 8751, EDUC 8761, EDUC 8011, EDUC 8752, EDUC 8080, EDUC 8002, EDDD 8021 and EDUC 8090.I have written articles for our CIA/CIPD/EDSPED newsletter, annually participated as a presenter for our Riley School of Education and provided continual assistance to my colleagues. I participated, served as secretary and facilitated EDAD 7005/EDUC 7004, 7005 & 8040 course lead monthly meetings. I have served as a reassignment assistant for approximately five years. I was humbled to be nominated for the Walden University's Faculty Excellence Award during the Summer of 2018 by one of peer faculty members.

Courses Taught

EDDD 8002 - Leading The Future


PhD, Michigan State University

MA, Western Michigan University

BA, Western Michigan University