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Michelle McCartney

Contributing Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Psychology

Degree Program Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Dr. McCartney began teaching at Walden University in 2018. She has extensive experience teaching adult learners. Her passion is connecting with students and sharing her enthusiasm and love of learning. She enjoys helping people achieve their potential through coaching. Dr. McCartney’s interests include: positive psychology, emotional intelligence, coaching, change, goal theory, habits, personality, and neuroscience as it relates to people’s behavior. She is exploring solutions to the issues surrounding the relationship between law enforcement and the community; focusing on communication, building trust and relationships, training, and officer health and wellness.

Courses Taught

PSYC 8755 - Leadership Coaching:Process and Practice

IPSY 8756/6756 - Leadership Coaching: Application

PSYC 8757 - Leadership Coaching: Practices and Application

IPSY 8753/6753 - Leadership Coaching: Theories, Concepts, Processes


EdD, Loyola University Chicago - Chicago, IL United States

MAPP - Master of Applied Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA United States

MPA, Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL

BS, University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL United States

Public Service

Women for Change Coaching Community (W4C3), Volunteer

Awards / Honors

Phi Delta Kappa International, Loyola University Chicago Chapter, 2005


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