Mike Brewer

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration

Dr. Michael Brewer holds a Doctorate in Homeland Security, a Masters in International Relations, and a BA in Geography. He has served the government for over 37 years. Since, retiring from the Army (Aviator and Foreign Area Officer) in 2006, Dr. Brewer has worked as a Department of the Army Civilian. Currently, He is the Deputy Director for Operations, Plans, Training, Exercises, and Modernization for III Corps at Fort Hood, Texas. His past assignments include the Army Staff, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Multi-National staffs. Operational assignments include both Europe and the Middle East. Dr. Brewer is a graduate of the US Army Staff College, French Army Staff College, and MIT Seminar XXI (National Security Policy).

Courses Taught

PPPA 9000A - Dissertation

CRJS 9000 - Dissertation


PhD, Colorado Technical University

MA, Baylor University

BA, University of Texas at San Antonio