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Mary Tinucci

Core Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Health

Barbara Solomon School of Social Work

Degree Program Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

Dr. Mary Tinucci comes to Walden with 30 years of clinical social work practice experience and 15 years of teaching in social work education. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dr. Tinucci began teaching at Walden in May, 2018.


DSW, St. Catherine University/University of St. Thomas - St. Paul, MN United States

MSW, The College of St. Catherine/University of St. Thomas - St. Paul, MN United States

BSW, The College of St. Catherine - St. Paul, MN United States

Public Service

Minnesota Department of Human Services : Committee on Youth at Risk of Homelessness, Committee Member - St. Paul, MN United States

Adjunct Faculty Council: The University of St. Thomas, Committee Member - St. Paul, MN United States


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