Mark Wells

Contributing Faculty
College of Nursing
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Dr. Wells received my Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Walden University in December 2016. He currently serve as adjunct faculty at the University of Pittsburgh in the School of Anesthesia and have been in that role since 2008. Dr. Wells has taught students in both the Masters and Doctorate level. He had the opportunity to be the lead faculty in courses including Principals of Anesthesia Practice, Nursing Terminology, Advanced Neuroanatomy and Health care Administration.

Professionally, he practices full time as a Nurse Practitioner in Pittsburgh, PA, specializing in the treatment of patients suffering chronic pain and critical care medicine. Dr. Wells works closely with local and state policy makers to ensure the most up-to-date literature is being utilized to form health care policy for our patients and colleagues. He maintains board certifications and professional licensure in pain management and as a family nurse practitioner.

Personally, he has two beautiful children and a beautiful wife of 16 years. His son is 19 years old and in his first year as a pre-med student. He plays college football, so we spend a lot of time traveling with him and the team. He has a daughter who 14 years old and is a skilled dancer. Her favorite (and my favorite) is contemporary dance. Dr. Wells enjoy spending time with my family and golfing when he get the opportunity.

Dr. Wells is very focused on academics and enjoys teaching students in all levels of their education. He believes that education is extremely important and understand that this journey is individualized for each of my students.


DNP, Walden University

MSN, Wheeling Jesuit University

BSN, Duquesne University


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