Lorise Grey

Core Faculty
College of Social and Behavioral Health
School of Counseling
M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Lorise Grey, PhD, earned a doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from Oakland University in 2015 while serving as a high school counselor in a suburban school district. She has been an assistant professor of Counseling and coordinator of a School Counseling program since the fall of 2018. Prior to teaching in higher education, she has been a high school counselor as well as an elementary and middle school teacher. Dr. Grey currently serves as Counselor Educator Vice President on the Michigan School Counselor Association (MSCA) Governing Board. She has presented on closing the achievement gap and group counseling methods at the Michigan Counseling Association (MCA) and the MSCA conferences. Dr. Grey has also presented on the use of evidence-based practices in school counseling at the Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference (EBSCC). Her research interests include closing the academic achievement gap and increasing academic achievement for marginalized students. Lorise Grey is a national certified counselor as well as a certified school counselor and a licensed professional counselor in the State of Michigan.

Dr. Grey joined the ranks at Walden University as a contributing faculty in May 2021.

Public Service

Michigan School Counselor Association, Board Member -


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