Lisa Ward

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
B.S. Information Technology (BSIT)

Senior Contributing Faculty Member Lisa Ward has taught with Walden University since 2004 first in the engineering programs and now in information technology and information systems. In addition to university teaching, she is currently working as program manager for AMD with focus on coordinating anaytics dashboards development and engineering training. She has worked previously as a high school physics teacher, as the instructional design lead for an educational gaming company, and as a networks consultant for track and field timing. Lisa completed her PhD Education here at Walden with an Education Technology specialization in Spring 2014. Lisa also holds MS in Electrical Engineering and MA in Physics Education both from the University of Texas at Austin and MS in Statistics from Texas A&M

Courses Taught

ITEC 2020 - IT Theory Fundamentals (Discrete Mathematics)

STAT 3401 - Statistical Concepts

ITEC 6401 - Statistical Concepts for Big Data

CMIS 1004 - Object Oriented Programming

ITEC 1020 - Networking Fundamentals

ITEC 1010 - IT Infrastructure


BS, University of Wisconsin - Madison

BS, University of Wisconsin - Madison

BS, University of Wisconsin - Madison

MS, University of Texas - Austin

MA, University of Texas - Austin

MS, University of Texas - Austin

PhD, Walden University

Public Service

Outdoor Service Guides / Baden Powell Service Association, Volunteer - Austin

Good Water Master Naturalists, Volunteer - Georgetown

Williamson County Symphony Orchestra, Volunteer - Round Rock

Awards / Honors

Extraordinary Faculty Award for Walden University, Walden University, 2009

NSEF/NCES National Summer Data Policy Institute, NSEF/NCES, 2010