Chris Taylor

Core Faculty
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Academic Skills Center

L. Chris Taylor has been teaching in distance education since 2003. She holds an MFA in creative writing, an MS in adult education, and graduate certificates in diversity studies and online learning. In her work with the Office of Academic Support and Instruction, she is committed to assisting students in achieving their academic goals. Chris loves writing, teaching, and encouraging others to celebrate the value of the unique stories we can tell through our writing. When not teaching, she is at a nearby wetlands every chance she gets doing wildlife photography and nature writing.

Courses Taught

CAEX 6050 - Graduate Writing I

CAEX 6060 - Graduate Writing II

CAEX 6100 - Critical Thinking for Social Change

CAEX 6200 - APA Style Citations and References


MFA, National University

MS, Capella University

BS, Wichita State University

Post-master's Certificate, Capella University

Post-master's Certificate, Capella University

Post-master's Certificate, Cornell University

Public Service

10%, President - Wichita


Taylor, L. (2013). The Duck is in the Wetland and Wetlands is in the Duck. Our Hen House


Taylor, L. (2011). The Inclusionist Perspective: Outsider Feminism. National Women's Studies Association