Kevin Dartt

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
M.S. Early Childhood Studies

Music teacher for private and class vocal and piano. Later worked on master's in arts to work toward higher education teaching. College teaching in music and then doctorate in early childhood education with teaching in many universities face-to-face and online.

University teaching of music, early childhood, curriculum and instruction, and teacher preparation at various universities to prepare future teachers in undergraduate programs and enhance the teaching of present teachers in graduate programs.

Teach undergraduate students preparing for certification, master's students, and doctoral students in education.

Courses Taught

EDUC 6005 - Foundations of Early Childhood

EDUC 6160 - Early Childhood Development

EDUC 6161 - Effective Programs and Practices

EDUC 6162 - Issues and Trends

EDUC 6163 - Building Research Competency

EDUC 6164 - Perspective Diversity and Equity

EDUC 6165 - Comm and Collab Early Childhood

EDUC 6166 - Dev. People and Leading Teams

EDUC 6168 - Plan and Manage Early Childhood Programs

EDUC 6357 - Diversity Development Learning

EDUC 6765 - Early Childhood Systems

EDUC 6766 - Tools for Policy Makers and Advocacy

EDUC 6990 - Prac. App. Early Childhood


EdD, University of North Texas

MA, Texas Woman's University

BA, University of WI-Stevens Point