Kelly Lambert

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
M.S. Human Resource Management

This faculty member's career as a teacher began as a trainer in the U.S. Air Force, for some 10 or so years, which he subsequently retired. After the Air Force, he kept his interest in classroom instructions by seeking positions as an adjunct instructor, both at the college level and with his employers in their corporate universities. Leading up to his employment with Walden University, Dr. Lambert was full-time dean. He has taught full-time online for more than 12 years, as well as in the classroom, and has also shared time as an academic advisor, tutor, and marketing associate within the education arena.

From an educational perspective, Dr. Lambert holds a doctorate in management and leadership, a master’s in management, and a master’s in human resources.
For leisure, he enjoys camping, movies, and horseback riding. He is married with three children, all of whom are out making their mark on the world.

Finally, teaching is really Dr. Lambert's passion. Like his management skills, Dr. Lambert honed them from bad experiences, good experiences, theory, and real-world situations, taking the best from all those encounters. That is exactly how he approaches his instructional responsibilities. He had bad instructors and good instructors along the way; theorists he agrees with and those he dost not, and new classroom situations that require a markedly different approach than the last. Consequently, he enters each new classroom experience with an open mind and no preconceived notions relative to what will work best. Dr. Lambert believs flexibility in the classroom from an instructional perspective is essential for the learning process.

Courses Taught

MHRM 6100 - Foundations of Human Capital Development

MHRM 6110 - Talent Management

MHRM 6630 - Benefits and Compensation


MA, University of Phoenix

MS, Strayer University

PhD, University of Phoenix