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Kelly Dardis

Academic Coordinator

College of Social and Behavioral Health

School of Counseling

Degree Program M.S. School Counseling

Dr. Dardis' field experience includes her time as a school counselor in a title one, inner city school in Fort Worth, Texas for seven years, after having spent the three years prior as a high school science teacher. While working toward her clinical license, she worked at a family clinic in Fort Worth, Texas. She has five years of experience in the clinical setting, with a specialty in children and adolescents, especially play therapy, as well as specialized training in sand-tray therapy. Her passions in the profession include school counseling and group counseling.
Licensed as a school counselor and professional counselor in both Ohio and Texas, Dr. Dardis is fully committed to leadership in the counseling profession. She has served as the Treasurer for North Central Association for Counselor Education & Supervision; the President of Northwest Ohio Counseling Association; President of the Ohio Association of Group Workers; Co-Chair of the Ohio Counseling Association's Professional Identity and Ethics Committee; and on the editorial board for the Journal of Counseling Practice. Further, Dr. Dardis has received a number of awards, including the following: both a Presidential Fellow and Emerging Leader Fellow for the Association of Counselor Education & Supervision; Counselor Educator of the Year from the Ohio School Counselor Association; Counselor Educator Fellow for the American School Counselor Association; and Emerging Scholar from the Association of Specialists in Group Work, Texas School Counselor of the Year, ACA's Ross Trust recipient, CSI fellow; North West Ohio Supervisor of the Year; Bayard Friedman Community Hero Award in recognition of her research in online group counseling and others.
Her research areas are both qualitative and quantitative studies in the area of online groups, the use of technology in counseling practices & teaching, and school counselor development.

Courses Taught

COUN 6401S - Practicum

COUN 6500S - Internship 1

COUN 6320S - Group Counseling in Schools

COUN 6311S - Leadership, Advocacy, and Consultation in the Schools

COUN 6322s - Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Responses

COUN 6311S - Introduction to School Counseling

COUN 6501S - Internship 2

GRPL 6100 - Group Lab

RES - Residency


PhD, Texas A&M - Commerce

MS, Texas Womans University

BS, Montana State University

Awards / Honors

ACES Emerging Leader, 2013

ACES Presidential Fellow, 2014

Bayard Friedman Community Hero Award for Service, 2009

Distinguished Service Award, Texas Counselors Association, 2011

Emerging Leader, National Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, 2012

Family Homes and Schools Value Driven Leadership Award, 2008

Fellow, Chi Sigma Iota - International counseling association, 2005

George E. Hill School Counselor Educator of the Year, Ohio School Counseling Association, 2013

Middle School Counselor of the Year, Texas School Counselor Association, 2007

National Association of Specialist in Group Work , 2012

National School Counselor Educator Coalition MetLife, 2012

Outstanding Doctoral Student, Texas A&M, 2009

Outstanding Service to the Chapter Award, Chi Sigma Iota - International coun. society, 2005

Outstanding Supervisor, North West Ohio Counselor Association, 2015

Presidential Fellow, National Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, 2014

Ross Trust Award, American Counseling Association, 2005

Ruth Ann White, Counseling Award and Scholarship, 2009

School Counselor Commendation, Fort Worth, 2005

Texas Counselors Association Distinguished Service, 2011

Texas Middle School Counselor of the Year, 2007

Truax Graduate Student Scholarship, 2007

Value Driven Leadership Award, Family Homes and Schools, 2008


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