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Kathleen Kingston

Contributing Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences

Degree Program Ph.D. Education

Dr. Kathleen Kingston’s previous university career began as a professor in the School of Education She rose to a higher education leadership position as the Associate Provost. Throughout her teaching career, she taught graduate education courses for principals and superintendents as well as teachers returning for advanced degrees and certifications. Dr. Kingston also taught qualitative research courses in a Ph.D. program in Organizational Learning and Leadership. Doctoral students in this program were from various backgrounds and degrees including education, business, higher education, as well as non-profit and were in leadership positions within their organizations. Dr. Kingston teaches leadership seminars that include travel to Jordan, Greece, and Thailand. She currently consults with international schools and universities in the areas of international partnerships, cultural exchanges, leadership development, and higher education administration. Her previous career was as a principal, school psychologist, special education administrator, and assistant superintendent. Dr. Kingston looks forward to bringing her experience to students at Walden University and helping them succeed in their higher education goals.

Courses Taught

EDPD 8040 - Governance and Politics of Education

EDPD 8040 - Capacity, Capability, and Sustainability

EDPD 8900 - Writing a Quality Prospectus

EDPD 8990 - Completing the Dissertation


EdD, Nova Southeastern University.


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