Julia Champe

Core Faculty
College of Social and Behavioral Health
School of Counseling
M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

A 2004 graduate of Idaho State University’s CACREP-accredited PhD program in Counselor Education, Dr. Champe has taught in counseling programs at Southern Illinois University and the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She received a Master’s of Science degree in Marital, Couple and Family counselor from Montana State University-Bozeman in 1999 and completed a year-long post-master’s internship at MSU’s Counseling & Psychological Services where she worked with nontraditional college students and couples. She was also co-owner of a private practice specializing in low-cost couple and family counseling in Bozeman. An avid group worker, Dr. Champe has written several articles on group work theory and practice and taught group across the US and in Japan. Her areas of scholarly interest include group work, supervision, counselor development, sexuality, multicultural issues and qualitative research. Dr. Champe has presented extensively on these and other areas of scholarly interest with colleagues and students across the US and internationally. She has served on the Assoc. for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) Board in various roles, including President 2023-2024.

Courses Taught

COUN 6726 - Couple & Family Counseling

COUN 6101 - Foundations in Counseling

GRTA 6100 - Group Lab


PhD, Idaho State University

MS, Montana State University-Bozeman

B.Ph., Miami University

Awards / Honors

2016 Article of the Year Award, Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 2017

2015 Article of the Year Award. , Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 2016

NCACES Outstanding Supervisor Award, , 2012

2012 Article of the Year Award, Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 2013


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Champe, J., Okech, J., Rubel, D. (2013). Emotion regulation: Process, strategies, and applications to group work training and supervision. Journal for Specialists in Group Work

Okech, J., Pimpleton, A., Vannatta, R., Champe, J. (2015). Intercultural communication: An application to group work. Journal for Specialists in Group Work


Champe, J. (2017). Like a boat in a river: Balancing content and process in group work. Japanese Association of Counseling Science

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