John Flohr

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Ph.D. Education

Dr. Flohr is contributing faculty at Walden since 2006 in education and research, was awarded professor emeritus from Texas, and in 2017 won Walden’s Bernard L. Turner award. He served as president of a state association, Fulbright scholar, Faculty Fellow of the Association of American Colleges, and is the author of a Prentice Hall college text as well as research articles and book chapters. One of his books was recently translated into Chinese. He enjoys working with students on research and works for social change with solar energy.

Courses Taught

RESI 8401 - Residency courses

RSCH 8110 - Research Theory

EDUC 8800 - Research Forum


EdD, University of Illinois

MS, University of Illinois

BA, Hamline University

Public Service

Solar Way Energy, Organizer - Fleetwood

Awards / Honors

Bernard L. Turner Award, Walden University, 2017

Fulbright Specialist, Fulbright , 2016

Faculty Fellows program, American Association of Colleges and Universities, 2003


Flohr, J. W. (2017). 小孩子的音乐生活 .

Flohr, J. W., Persellin, D. C., Miller, D. C., Meeuwesen, H. (2011). Relationships among music listening, temperament, and cognitive abilities of four-year-old children. Visions of Research in Music Education

Flohr, J. W., Persellin, D. C. (2013). Move to learn! Strategies based on recent brain research. Perspectives


Flohr, J. W. (2017). Music education in early childhood teacher education programs in USA. Nanjing Normal University