Joe Savage

Contributing Faculty
College of Social and Behavioral Health
Barbara Solomon School of Social Work
Master of Social Work (MSW)

Dr. Joe N. Savage, Jr. is a recognized leader with over 20 years of experience in the fields of homelessness, social policy, economic development, and human services administration. His prior work experience encompasses positions in which he was responsible for overseeing transitional and permanent supportive housing programs, Continuum of Care funding, strategic planning, and coalition building. His passion for this work has cultivated years of skills and expertise that have helped bring over $150 million of funding to support housing and services for the homeless and community development projects. Joe’s commitment to this work is rooted in his belief in the dignity of human life. Dr. Savage holds bachelor’s degrees in neuroscience and religious studies from the University of Pennsylvania. He received master’s degrees in social work and urban planning from the University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in legal studies from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, and a Ph.D. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy from the University of Delaware. He also holds an Executive Certificate in Public Policy from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

Courses Taught

SOCW 6311 - SW Practice Research II

SOCW 6301 - SW Practice Research I

SWLB 0651 - SW Skills Lab I


BA, University of Pennsylvania

BA, University of Pennsylvania

M. City Planning, University of Pennsylvania

MSW, University of Pennsylvania

PhD, University of Delaware

Master of Legal Studies, Washington University School of Law

Post-master's Certificate, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Executive Education

Post-master's Certificate, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Executive Education

Public Service

Philly House, Board of Directors - Philadelphia

Mosaic Delaware, Board Member - New Castle

The Mosaic Foundation, Board of Directors - Omaha

Tenants Union Representative Network (TURN), Chair - Philadelphia


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