Joan Hahn

Academic Coordinator
College of Nursing
Ph.D. Nursing

Dr. Joan Earle Hahn joined Walden University College of Health Sciences' faculty leadership in January 2018 as the Academic Research Coordinator. Dr. Hahn earned masters and doctoral degrees in nursing at Rush University and baccalaureate degrees in psychology and nursing at the University of Rochester. Her program of research is world renown for the development of a health assessment tool for people with intellectual disabilities and as a long-time proponent for addressing the gap in nursing and other health professions education about health and people with intellectual and other disabilities. She is a founding board member of the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association and the Alliance for Disability in Health Care Education. She led a task force of the Alliance in completing a set of Core Competencies for health educators that are receiving national attention by educators and advocates to reduce health disparities experienced by people with disabilities.


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