Jill Murray

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

My name is Dr. Jill Murray and I have been with Walden since November of 2011. I am from and currently reside in Scranton, Pennsylvania (about 2 hours northeast of Philadelphia). My undergraduate and Masters degrees are in Philosophy and my Ph.D. is in Human Development, with a specialization in Instructional Leadership. have 2 golden retrievers, Maddie and McGee and together with my amazing nieces Olivia and Rosie, family and friends, they are the lights of my life.

As for my professional life, my experience is varied and a bit strange. You just can't do too much with a Philosophy degree, or so I thought. As a result, I began a career with UPS (big brown) and ended up in their business and logistics area in executive management for several years. After that I moved to the crazy world of Healthcare, specifically health insurance with CIGNA and was a Director of Operations for a main hubsite on the east coast for several years. About 10 years ago, I was given an opportunity to create an Institute for Health and Wellness at a local University and I took it! What a great feeling to do what I love to do - start up an Institute and run it as I have always wanted to. Amazing experience!

From there I was lucky enough to become the Chief Academic Officer for 5 years at a local College in Pa - Lackawanna College and then moved to become the Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer. On July 1, 2020 I became President of Lackawanna College. LOVING WHAT I DO EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I came to the online environment 15 years ago because I really wanted to understand the distance education phenomenon and I must say that it is wonderful. The classes I have been lucky enough to teach have been very interactive (I would even say, quite spirited) and fun. In fact, I ended up learning quite a bit from the class discussions. Every class I teach I take something away and incorporate it into the next class.


PhD, Marywood University

MA, State University of New York at Albany

BA, University of Scranton